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About WineFoodMood Man

Fact is, the WineFoodMood Man has devoted his entire working life to working with wine and food. An award-winning sommelier, wine importer, educator and restaurateur, 25 years of living around wine and food and people has led to a tome's worth of stories and ideas.

Although the WFMM is not a particulary moody fellow (however quite aligned with the changing weather), he once noted that in preparation for a tasting competition he paid careful attention to what he'd eat and drink the night before the competition, how much sleep he'd get, what he'd eat for breakfast, how much coffee he should have and whether or not the weather was affecting his 'tasting ability'. If this was all so important then to ensure sharpened and alert senses, why not pay attention to it each and every day when combining food and drink? was created as a venue to share anecdotes, experience, ideas, blatherings and hopefully some valuable insight on the liquids and solids we put in our mouths each and every day and how it all makes us feel.

Please, we really must know ...

We’re not entirely sure, but he likes to shake things up and he’s not exactly a conformist.

WineFoodMan says “Use Your Senses, Dammit!”