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I’m In the Mood For…

How often do you decide what to eat based on your mood? What about letting your mood help you to decide which movie to watch or which TV program to tune into? And when your partner wants a little fun…are you in the mood?  The mood we're in is a result of so many factors. How was your sleep? What is the weather like? What’s your stress level? How are things at home and at work? How’s your health?

Fact is, mood is one of the most important influences on the decisions we make day after day. It should also have an influence on the wine we choose and even how it tastes and satisfies. Mood will affect the way food tastes when matched with wine and even though there are rules of wine and food matching to follow, the ultimate consideration must be your mood. None of us can imagine drinking a wine that we aren’t in the mood for just because the rules suggest it will pair well with our lunch!

At we will explore the role that mood plays in our wine and food experiences and how we can utilize it to make our wine and food experiences better!


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